Who I Serve

I work with adolescents and young adults who have learning challenges.  They may simply be struggling in school at this point in their lives, or they may have already been diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Asperger Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, or some other learning issue. I approach each of my clients with a sense of curiosity about their present challenges, respect for their past experiences, and a strong interest in discovering how they see their lives now and in the future.  

I use a variety of tools to help my clients develop self-awareness and self-knowledge.  These assessment tools begin to provide a foundation for understanding what each particular client needs. We then work together to discover and build the skills and supports necessary to help them succeed. I believe in working from a strengths-based perspective, encouraging my clients to form a balanced and positive self-regard which includes both their abilities and their challenges.  

I have the training, skills and resources to assist my clients in a variety of ways.  I can assess readiness for college, and determine what might be needed for the student to be better prepared for college success, using tools such as the Woodcock Johnson Cognitive and Achievement instruments.  I can test for ADHD, using the Brown ADHD Scales assessment tool, which provides a diagnosis and will satisfy the requirements of most college disability support services for the purposes of approving reasonable accommodations. I can help both my clients and their parents more effectively understand previous psychological and psycho-educational evaluations with a plain-language interpretation of these documents.  I can administer and interpret personal assessment inventories, including the About-U Personality Assessment, tools which help build insight and self-awareness and facilitate a deeper understanding of one's needs, assets and motivations.  I also offer regular, one-on-one individual coaching sessions to set and review goals, organize tasks, assess progress, and plan new approaches.

While I work with each client to choose the most effective strategies for meeting their specific needs, I also recognize and value the importance of families, friends and other professionals to the ultimate success of my clients.  Whenever possible, therefore, I work with people in each of those parts of a client's network so that, together, we can all build a solid base of supports and resources for success.  Success is, indeed, a partnership, whether it's in the academic arena, in one's employment, in basic life skills, or in simply having a more comfortable relationship with oneself and others. 

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