Who I Serve

My practice covers three different populations- adolescents and young adults who have learning challenges, people with developmental disabilities, and adults with Acquired Brain Injury.  I approach each of my clients with a sense of curiosity about their present challenges, respect for their past experiences, and a strong interest in discovering how they see their lives now and in the future.  

I use a variety of tools to help my clients develop self-awareness and self-knowledge.  These assessment tools begin to provide a foundation for understanding what each particular client needs. We then work together to discover and build the skills and supports necessary to help them succeed. I believe in working from a strengths-based perspective, encouraging my clients to form a balanced and positive self-regard which includes both their abilities and their challenges.  

I have the training, skills and resources to assist my clients in a variety of ways from assessment of their challenges to developing effective strategies to meet their life needs.  

While I work with each client to choose the most effective strategies for meeting their specific needs, I also recognize and value the importance of families, friends and other professionals to the ultimate success of my clients.  Whenever possible I work with people in each of those parts of a client's network so that, together, we can all build a solid base of supports and resources for success.  Success is, indeed, a partnership, whether it's in the academic arena, in one's employment, in basic life skills, or in simply having a more comfortable relationship with oneself and others. 


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