Peter Love Educational Consulting, LLC 

"Success is a Partnership"


About Me

I am an educational psychologist with over thirty years' experience supporting people with disabilities.  My goal is to help each individual client build the level of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence necessary for them to make good decisions and to advocate effectively for themselves to lead their best life.


I offer individualized assessment, personal awareness inventories, cognitive rehabilitation services and academic and life coaching

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My Commitment

I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to fully realize his or her individual potential. I am committed to helping my clients develop the self-knowledge and the skills necessary to achieve success on whatever path they choose.  

"There should not be any nobodies - specks of dust cast upon the wind.  Each one must shine, just as billions upon billions of galaxies shine in the heavens."  

                                                                 V.A. Sukhomlinsky, Russian Educator 

Coaching/Weekly (per hour)

$ 150.00 USD



$ 100.00 USD


Educational Assessment

$ 1500.00 USD


ADHD Assessment

$ 350.00 USD


College Readiness Assessment

$ 750.00 USD


About U Personality/Career Assessment

$ 399.00 USD


Records Review

$ 375.00 USD



$ 900.00 USD


Payment Plans

No Image Available

$ 75.00 USD


167 East High Street, East Hampton, Connecticut  06424 | 860-305-6375

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