Peter Love Educational Consulting, LLC 

"Academic Success is a Partnership"


About Me

I am an educator and professional learning disabilities coach with over thirty years experience supporting students with disabilities and other learning challenges.  My goal is to help each individual client build the level of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence necessary for them to make good decisions and to advocate effectively for themselves.


I offer individualized educational and achievement testing, personal awareness inventories, a plain-language review of pscyho-educational assessments, college-readiness evaluations, and weekly personalized coaching sessions.

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My Commitment

I believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to fully realize his or her individual potential. I am committed to helping my clients develop the self-knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success on whatever path they choose.  

"There should not be any nobodies - specks of dust cast upon the wind.  Each one must shine, just as billions upon billions of galaxies shine in the heavens."  

                                                                 V.A. Sukhomlinsky, Russian Educator 


$ 150.00 USD



$ 100.00 USD


Educational Assessment

$ 1500.00 USD


ADHD Assessment

$ 350.00 USD


College Readiness Assessment

$ 750.00 USD


About U Personality/Career Assessment

$ 399.00 USD


Records Review

$ 375.00 USD



$ 900.00 USD


Payment Plans

No Image Available

$ 75.00 USD


167 East High Street, East Hampton, Connecticut  06424 | 860-305-6375

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